I was lucky enough to attend Wekfest Japan this year. I’ve actually never been to another show besides our own in Japan, so it was nice to see how other events are run, who’s attending and if there are any things we can learn from them. Wekfest Japan was a great experience and much thanks to Kenneth ad Hiro for hooking us up with a vendor space.

WFJP.002There were over 300 cars and there’s no way we could show all of them, but we hope you enjoy what we got!

WFJP.055 WFJP.056WFJP.018WFJP.017 WFJP.016 WFJP.015WFJP.022WFJP.023WFJP.024WFJP.025WFJP.019WFJP.020WFJP.014WFJP.013WFJP.012WFJP.021WFJP.026WFJP.009WFJP.006WFJP.058WFJP.057WFJP.053WFJP.052WFJP.051WFJP.050WFJP.049WFJP.048WFJP.047WFJP.046WFJP.045WFJP.044WFJP.043WFJP.042WFJP.041WFJP.040WFJP.039WFJP.038WFJP.037WFJP.036WFJP.035WFJP.034WFJP.033WFJP.032WFJP.031WFJP.030WFJP.029WFJP.028WFJP.027WFJP.008WFJP.007WFJP.005WFJP.004WFJP.011


Funny Night is almost here. So if you are in Hawaii, Northern California or in Hyogo, please be sure to stop by and check out the only meet that spans three timezones.

031415FNJPNPromo 031415FNNCPromo

When we started United Royals back in 2012, we never quite envisioned what it has evolved into today. All we wanted to do was create an event that all the car clubs/crews could get together for a day of good food, good times and good cars. Our first ever United Royals was held at Central Oahu Regional Park on Waipio, and it was a blast.


With the help of Hectopascal in Hyogo, Japan, United Royals went international in 2013, with us traveling to Kobe, Japan. Breaking that barrier was huge and opened the door to many more opportunities for JSPIRIT. United Royals Japan is now a annual fixture in the car scene in Kobe and it continues to grow each year.


Although we are quite happy with the way things have gone with United Royals, we must never forget our roots. So we had a few convo’s with some friends on Maui and coupled with One Eighty Boardshop starting to carry our brand, we decided it was time to take United to the Valley Isle.


We didn’t quite know what to expect, but the turnout was impressive. Crews from all over the island came out to support including the homies from Renditions CC and of course Team Mansu. Got to see a lot of old friends and met some new ones as well. Overall United Royals Maui was a success and we’re definitely coming back. We hope you enjoy the pics from JSPIRIT Sharp Shooters Davin Char and Rachel Patrick. Big Mahalos to Sean “Biggie” Ruiz, Henson Domingo, 1320 Performance, D&D Towing, Officer Honda, Hold Fast Tattoo Shop, One Eighty Boardshop and everyone else who help make this happen.


Old School Mike always knows how to please the crowd.


Jordan “Fish” Fennelly’s Silvia.


Isamu Morihiro’s freshly painted GReddy Twin Turbo Z33.


The Robello Boys always got their shit on point. Brandon’s S2 above and Henry’s Imola Orange CRX down below.



Henson Domingo’s bagged Sienna. Big plans for this bad boy. Come check it out at SpoCom Hawaii 2015.


We even had some hot rods show up, but seriously nothing tops Duane Meyer’s Blown 65′.

URMAUI.008It’s always familiar faces and new rides. Jason Franco’s bagged GS made an appearance.


Peter Medwed’s new TE27 (above) and Jason Duquette’s killer 510 (below).



One of our choices for the United Royals Maui Awards, this Civic sported a super clean, freshly-built H2B. Props to the owner of this fine piece of machinery.


Brycen Higa and the lovely Sara Choi.




Photos by: Shota Mori & Joey Lee

I’ve always been a fan of Hondas. I remember in the late 90’s Ken Miyoshi, (founder of Import Showoff and Mainstream Productions) used to promote a event called VTECNIK in SoCal. I’ve always thought the concept was awesome and wanted to do something similar here in Hawaii. I figured last year was as good a time as any.


So I decided to talk to Kazu Furukawa about creating a Honda meet here in Hawaii. We discussed it a little and he had mentioned that he had an annual meet called “Funny Night” that was a fundraiser for victims of the Tohoku earthquake that took place back in 2011. That sounded like a great idea and therefore we decided to do the first joint Japan-USA meet to be held on the same day.


In the meantime I had been in contact with my NorCal homies, Ferd Natividad and Phil Sison from ATS Garage USA and in our group text I mentioned the meet happening in both Japan and Hawaii. Then it dawned on me, “why not have the meet in NorCal as well?” Three cities, three timezones, one meet. Fuckingawesome.


We then went full speed ahead with it. We made a special Funny Night tee and sticker that was sold at all three meets. We collaborated and posted pics from all the meets and overall it was a huge success. Now on our second go-round, we look to make it bigger and better.


There are a few things I am proud of doing and Funny Night is definitely one of them. It was a groundbreaking concept and I can see it becoming an annual tradition that will carry forward for years to come.

As promised, the second part of our Wekfest Hawaii coverage. This also just in, we’ve been informed that Wekfest LA registration has been closed four days after it opened due to the overwhelming number of entries. 970 to be exact. 970!!!!!!! That’s just crazy. Anyway, enjoy Wekfest Hawaii Part 2!


Super Mike Nasty in the house! Lovin’ the Cusco Blue and the tight fitment.


Todd Yee’s sexy FR-S reppin’ Smartwax and our Racesauce homies.


VPR’s Chris Bornios killin’ it. Business as usual.


Our homeboy Justin Oria with his current Equip setup and JDM conversion.


Co Yara always scoopin’ up those awards with his xB.


James Bautista with his Ruined S2000! Always LURKN and always reppin’ that LOWLIFE!


Tight lineup of Hondas with Phil Balisican’s CRX and Scott Miyata’s Accord sticking their noses out.


Revision Audio always comin’ out hard. Samson’s new Airrunner Sienna.


Chris Calimlim’s Supra FTW.


Our homeboy Ryan Pasion from Team Mansu with his sweet ass whip.



Well R U? Lon Hoshino’s S2000 asking the question we all wanna ask.








And that’s a wrap folks. We hope everyone had a good time as we know we did. Thanks for the support and we’ll see you at the next event!

Our event coverage starts here with the first major show of 2015. Wekfest Hawaii has now become a staple in the Hawaii show scene. Now in its third year here in the islands, the 2015 edition did not disappoint. Props to the Wekfest team for putting on another great event and kicking off the new year right. Thanks to Kenneth Li, Junior Sarmiento and William Kha from Wekfest for making it happen year after year and thanks to all our supporters that came out to se us. See you at the next show!


Also a special thanks goes out to our JSPIRIT team, Alice Cheng, Jana Guira, Nicole Mosher, Jerry Baxter, Shawn Kinney, Chad Kobayashi, Justin Whaley, Les Felipe, Dean Hartwell, Bradlee Aceret, Keanu Mosaphir, Keila Kinjo, Kelsey McDowell, Omara Grey, Lauren Lala, Sara Choi, Eric Alferes, Tyson Miyahira, Lisa Hashimoto and last we would especially like to thank and introduce the work of Josh Harada. Enjoy!


EMPIRE VIP came out strong. Preston Ader’s fresh paint was a hit at Wekfest.


Business as usual for Lance Harano and his ass-kicking TE27.


Team Ultraspeed’s Remy Fukumoto with her EJ coupe sporting that fresh Rywire coil-on-plug setup.


The JSPIRIT Odyssey, by Jerry Baxter’s Pacific Window Tinting. We just love those fresh 20″ TE37 Ultra kicks from Volk Racing.


Randy Naito’s K20-powered EK.


Louie Duldulao’s brand new boosted K20 setup and also the winner of the 2015 Wekfest JSPIRIT Award.


Another shot of Louie’s hatch with the JGIRLZ.


Liberty Walk X Airrex R35 from Team Platinum in attendance.


Sutham Chanthasouvanh’s G37 reppin’ SMG.


Omara with Chad Kobayashi’s Liberty Walk 997.


Alex Yang’s M3 along with Chad Tupinio’s S2K.


Efren Guillermo’s dope-ass AE86.


Darrell’s super-fresh Rocket Bunny X Airrex FR-S.


The Mobb’s Ikaika Bowman’s IS-VERT.

Stay tuned for the second part of our Wekfest Hawaii coverage.


This short video was created by Masakazu Oka of Proto-Type. Featuring Kazu Furukawa of Osaka JDM & FIVE MART, Banzai Attack Racing and Rhythm Motors.

So we decided to change some things around here for 2015. Many times we’ve told ourselves we’d be serious about blogging and we have yet to follow through on it. This year we are going to make a conscious effort to keep you up-to-date with everything going on with JSPIRIT and everything we associate ourselves with. Bear in mind we will not be posting on a daily basis. More so we want to bring you content that is merited. We want to give you substance. We want to give you quality. We want you to read our posts and walk away inspired. Be patient and stay tuned for the new new. Thanks for reading.